February 2, 2017

Total # of Attendees: 18



  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:23pm
  2. Planned speaker never called back (from Philly furniture show) so no speaker tonight
  3. New folks:
    1. Chris: Chris has been coming since November, so we welcomed him again
  4. Dave Potts (Finance)
    1. Paid up
    2. $4,120.46 in treasury, with checks tonight gets us around $4,700
  5. Upcoming events
    1. Feb 10-11, Lee Nielsen in Philadelphia, Independence Seaport https://www.lie-nielsen.com/hand-tool-events/USA/103. Dave talked about potential parking at the Seaport
    2. Woodworking Show Feb 17-19th in Somerset, NJ http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/somerset.html
  6. John brought up his Jefferson lap desks (two of them) (pic 1)
    1. From article in fine woodworking. Plans aren’t much good
    2. Top folds out for large desk (covered with felt)
    3. Drawer pulls out from side to hold writing materials (pen, ink, paper, etc.)
    4. Use slotted holes for dowels on breadboard ends
    5. Slots for the stand to fold into
    6. Polyurethane finish
    7. John said he would offer the plans & info for free if you’d like
  7. Tony talked about his true-divided light chest of drawers (pic 3)
    1. Create half-laps for the mullions, using the tablesaw and dado blade
    2. Blade was angled with regular blade
    3. Then rabbeted it
  8. Greg made Box for his niece for graduation (pic 2)
    1. Wife liked it, so he scaled it down for a Christmas present
    2. Woodcraft was base plan, but
    3. Epee and figured maple
    4. Took base plan and reduced by 1/3
    5. Finish was quick (up Christmas eve) so laquer finish
  9. Chris created a shadow box (a lot of time using for people retiring) (pic 4)
    1. Put stuff folks used for their career (flags, medals, etc.) for them to remember
    2. We had guy retiring from shop
    3. Maple with base and splines of walnut
    4. 45 degree corners with splines
    5. Chopsaw for the 45 degree edges, then tablesaw for splines
    6. Plan to finish with 3 coats of tung oil
  10. Jim talked about some videos online for sharpening with Norm, GuitarWorks, and safety video. He will send out links
  11. Mike talked about Triton
    1. Australian company getting into US. They have a good reputation
    2. Got track saw, sharpener, and dowelmax (similar to Festool Domino)
    3. Brian will have these items in our tool library. Items up for grabs
  12. Ken Lehr is an original member of the guild, and back in the hospital again. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers
  13. Jim demonstrated the Triton sharpener (similar to the Tormek)
    1. Doesn’t spray much water
    2. Water level fill up, but then you’ll have to refill, because the stone sucks up the water to start
    3. Use jig to hold tool, then use marker to set angle/height of jig
    4. Once you get adjusted right, turn on and run blade over stone evenly
  14.  Meeting broke up into smaller discussions of woodworking topics and projects
  15. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Mar 2nd at 7:15pm
  16. Meeting concluded at 8:44pm
Picture 1

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 4

January 5, 2017

Total # of Attendees: 15



  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:23pm

  2. Planned speaker never called back (from Philly furniture show) so no speaker tonight

  3. New folks:

    1. Jay: Found out through Meetup; likes woodworking, lives in a condo, does some carving. Favorite tool is spokeshave

    2. Bill: Learned about it from John (from work); always had love for using his hands. Retired, started handyman; more into hand woodworking

  4. Upcoming events of interest

    1. Woodworking show in Baltimore this weekend,  Jan 6-8 http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/baltimore.html

    2. Colonial Feb 2-5 in Colonial Williamsburg with Fine Woodworking and Society of American Period Furniture Makers. Theme is Chairs. Great event for historical  furniture https://www.colonialwilliamsburg.com/plan/calendar/working-wood/

    3. Dave will send out info on Society of American Period Furniture Makers (SAPF) to membership http://www.sapfm.org/; cost is $50/year. Annual high quality newsletter at Christmas, plus three electronic newsletters each year

    4. Feb 10-11, Lee Nielsen in Philadelphia, Independence Seaport https://www.lie-nielsen.com/hand-tool-events/USA/103

    5. Woodworking Show Feb 17-19th in Somerset, NJ http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/somerset.html

    6. Feb 24-26, American Craft Show at Baltimore (over 500 presenters): https://craftcouncil.org/shows

    7. Fine Woodworking Live event in Southbridge, MA, Apr 21-23: http://www.finewoodworkinglive.com/

  5. Phil talked about turning events and work

  6. Mike R spent time on phone with Triton tools to get donations from the company

    1. Dowel driller (2 dowels at a time) similar to the Festool domino

    2. Triton sharpening wheel

    3. Track Saw (Salman used it)

      1. Very good, but you have to consider material

      2. Slides on melamine, sticks well on Baltic Birch

      3. Clamps slide into groove, but forces the straightedge at an angle. Need to figure out better way to clamp

      4. Can do scoring cut as well without having to reset depth of cut

  7. Discussion of Guild library (tools, DVDs, books, etc.)

    1. Brian Menold has the library and some of the tools

    2. If folks want them, please contact Brian or Jim to ask for

    3. Salman will talk with Brian about updating library list on website

  8. Frank

    1. Talked about creating raised panel glass doors

    2. Took two bits for rails and stiles

    3. Bought extra bit to cut out groove for dado

    4. To make mullions used woodline bits for interior mullions

    5. Went through process on how to use the rail and stile bits and a jig to cut the mullions

    6. Got info on YouTube

  9. Mark announced that Delaware tool exchange has just received items from an estate sale. Priced at about 50% of retail

  10. Dues for 2017 are due: $50

  11. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feb 2nd at 7:15pm

  12. Meeting broke up into smaller discussions of woodworking topics and projects

  13. Meeting concluded at 8:45pm

November 3, 2016

Total # of Attendees: 23


  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:46am

  2. Mike booked Christmas Dinner, Dec 1st, at Pasta Pomodoro, 6PM (Voorhees)

    1. $25 a head

    2. Appetizers + entrée

  3. New folks:

    1. Brian: got married in July, made a few things for wedding, wants to learn more and gain experience

    2. All thumbs, wants to learn

    3. Joe Velden, retired recently so he’s got more time, tool selection is more construction grade, here to learn

  4. Discussion of “Bench Dogs” video series (Kirk as host) and Brian’s new book

    1. Shop tour of Brian’s shop

    2. Shop is small, small tools (4” jointer, etc.), small strips of wood

    3. Uses Bandsaw to break down stock

    4. Drum sander, other sanders, Dewalt planer

    5. Tablesaw is workhorse

    6. Good dust collection

    7. Discussion of all the species of wood going into a puzzle (18 for one)

    8. Went through puzzle production process (strips 24” long, 9/16” or 5/8”, cut to length, break down for that puzzle by part, build like a production line)

    9. Showed “live cubes” to see how he builds the puzzle

    10. Demonstrated how he builds them (tablesaw cuts, bevel with disc sander and jig, assembly, etc.)

    11. Brian got an offer from Taunton books for a book about  - puzzles

    12. Brian went through timeline on how it went from article to book offer, and how he ended up writing the book (took him maybe 8 weeks, including photography)

    13. Recommends building small projects out of exotics – you can charge 2x to 3x as much

  5. Auction was held

    1. Mark & Carl’s wood

    2. Various hand tools, jigs and clamps

    3. Large collection of chisels

    4. A great deal of fun was had by all

  6. Meeting concluded at 9:29pm

October 6, 2016

Total # of Attendees: 19



Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:31am

Introduced new folks: Chris (works for DOD at McGuire) – working on wood since early 90s.

Kevin D talked about the earring chest he made

  1. Magazine article from 1995

  2. Art Deco look, with 7 panels, barrel hinges & magnets

  3. Made with maple and dowel construction

  4. Used jig to mark out holes for earring holders

  5. Finished with several coats of lacquer

The earring chest

The earring chest

Jim brought in two bowls made of

  1. Beautiful wood, Horse Chestnut

  2. Cracked a lot, filled with aluminum oxide powder

The bowls

The bowls

Bok Read presented on his woodworking craft,

  1. Background; grandfather gave him a gouge, in the family for 100 years; father made the furniture in the house

  2. Been 41 years in the woodworking business

  3. Taught science for 40 years, visited MIT afterwards & attended lectures

  4. Liked to make different shapes of items (lamps, tables, etc.) No straight, more sculptural

  5. Passed a lot of pictures around the meeting attendees (variety of furniture & items, including Danish modern, Asian influenced, etc.)

  6. By making the variety of shapes, the light plays of a lot of different angles and is more interesting. Alternating shadow lines

  7. In order to cut out for large lamp.

    1. Cut in half, Rout out hole for cord, then glued back together

    2. Put wood on block to tilt wood, then cut it out

    3. Band saw is 26 inches and over 100 years old

    4. Made out of Cherry, 10” wide, 1-3/4” thick

  8. Got wood in Chichester, just across Commodore Barry Bridge, Delaware Valley Supply. Good prices of hardwood

  9. He said that he believes that if you make a mistake on something, you just sell it at a lower price

  10. Used Watco finish, about 5 coats. Seals it pretty well if it is a closed-pore wood. If open-pore, it won’t seal it enough

Bok Read

Bok Read

Mike talked about a widow – husband had incredible collection of tools

  1. Giant dust collector

  2. Large Compressor

  3. Eight routers (3 of them trim)

  4. Tons of supplies (sandpaper, router bits, etc.)

  5. In conjunction with tool sale in Nov, Mike will price & bring them

Jim wanted to talk about a tool sale next month (November)

  1. Should be a tool auction

  2. Salman said Mark Showers suggested maybe bring some of the wood up for auction that the email sent out discussed

  3. Mike has volunteered to be the auctioneer

  4. 10% of profit to the club

  5. People bring tools and mark minimum price on it (i.e. where the bidding will start)

  6. Open discussion on whether to invite other clubs to participate

  7. Decision not to open to outside clubs for this month (maybe future tool sales)

Voted to invite the turners to sometime in the future for our Fine Woodworking presentation

Kevin D asked for permission to put chapter on Meetup. Group approved. Some folks did not want to be emailed or included on the site. Salman will send out email requesting who wants to be included on site

Treasurer (Dave) $4349.49 in treasury; 28 current paying members

Holiday party Thursday December  1st – Pasta Pomodoro (Voorhees)

Meeting concluded at 9:04pm

September 2016

Sep 1, 2016

Total # of Attendees: 21


  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:31 PM

  2. Introduced some new folks

    1. Rory

    2. Sean

    3. Mike

    4. Carlos

  3. Welcome to all

  4. Dave was talking about his lawn chair

    1. No glue in it, held together with screws or joinery (mortise & tenon)

    2. Sapele wood

    3. Planning to cut all the curves, then decided to laminate the pieces

    4. 1/8” cut off table saw and squished into forms, glued up

    5. For finish, thinking of tung oil or boiled linseed oil. Not planning to have it outside

    6. Folds up to 9 inches thick

    7. Two pieces are critical, holding up back support & seat

    8. Used barrel hinges on the key pivot points

    9. Thought about cutting in star on top, but went through the reasons why he decided against it

Dave's lawn chair being studied by various members of the guild


  1. Kevin D presented on Woodwright’s shop 5-day benchwork class in Pittsboro

    1. Five day class held in Pittsboro NC (near Raleigh)

    2. Focused exclusively on Hand Tool skills

    3. Did hand tool joinery (dovetails, through mortises, etc.)

    4. Use of specialized molding planes

    5. Hand tool store upstairs

    6. Kevin will email out presentation to group

  2. Jim brought up the idea of a December meeting for auction for tools. We will have an auction and give away then

  3. Jim put out feelers to Philly Ship Preservation Society, for a tour of the ship; he is waiting for their response (Saturday tour)

  4. Meeting at Independence Seaport Museum in Philly. Not sure if they are going to charge us (Jim will be in touch with them, and will report back). Potential Saturday meeting for November

  5. Mike has someone for the October meeting

  6. If you haven’t gotten on Salman’s email list, you won’t get email. Especially important for new folks

  7. Treasurer $4449.49 in treasury; 28 current paying members

  8. John discussed Lee Valley Veritas Mark II sharpening system

  9. Hearne Hardwoods Open House Sep 30 – Oct 1

  10. Jim talked about the club tools & materials (Worksharp, DVDs, books, etc.)

  11. Meeting concluded at 8:50pm

July 2016

Total # of Attendees: 17


  1. Jim (president) opened the meeting at 7:33pm
  2. Bill Nyberg’s service is 3pm on Saturday at his home in Marlton
  3. Mike brought in thousands of small wood parts (dowels, blanks, wheels, etc.) that he had warned folks about.
    1. He got a call from an individual who had a business which was a manufacturer rep’s for wood product lines.
    2. They were moving the business and Mike was willing pick up their excess items for free.
    3. Mike asked for a donation to the Humane Society.
    4. The group took the opportunity to look through and see what they could use.
  4. Mark & Carl visited from the TSCA, Delaware River chapter of Traditional Small Craft. 
    1. They found our organization from an advertisement on Craigslist (Mike placed it there).
    2. Website for their group: http://www.tsca.net/delriver/
    3. Karl Kramer, karlksr@comcast.net, 856-935-4564
    4. 2nd Friday at Bivalve for oysters & program
    5. A week from Saturday (July 16th) for Maritime festival (Bivalve, NJ)
    6. Delaware consignment shop, tool exchange: http://delwaretoolexchange.com
  5. Jim proposed to provide donation to Bill Nyberg’s family charity - $100. Club agreed
  6. Mike spoke about the North Bennet Street School in Boston
    1. Trade school for woodworking, been around for over 100 years
    2. Fundamentals of fine woodworking (2 weeks); mostly sharpen & tune your tools
    3. Seven in class, instructor was graduate of 2 year program
    4. Provided list of tools you need, or you can buy them there
    5. The sort of course Mike believes he should have taken 20 years ago
    6. Did a variety of projects -- by hand -- to work through your hand tool skills
  7. Dave discussed the 4-door chest he brought in
    1. Master class at Philadelphia Furniture Workshop
    2. Turned out well, fun class
    3. Impressive work
    4. General discussion on Philly workshop after Mario’s presentation in June
Chest made by Dave Potts

Chest made by Dave Potts

  1. Jim discussed his work with Urban Promise
    1. Worked on rowboats with young students
    2. Showed video of Bill Nyberg on the boats during the launching
  2. Jim discussed his Freud videos and his 3D cutting boards
    1. Freud video: tumbling block cutting board
    2. Used Walnut, Maple & Cherry
    3. Made a special jig for clamping during glue up
    4. Need slow-setup glue, because it takes a long time
    5. Used router & jig to flatten, because he did not have a wide-belt sander
    6. Looks better with edge all the way around (instead of just on its own)
Cutting boards (coffee cup for scale)

Cutting boards (coffee cup for scale)

  • Problem discussed; John had a question on finishing oak
  1. Jefferson desk/table
  2. Open grained, so you won’t get smooth unless you close the pores
  3. One suggestion was sanding sealer, then tung oil
  4. Polyurethane also has been effective, or oil/varnish mixture
  • Next Meeting Thu, August 4th
  • Meeting closed at 8:47pm

May 2016

Total # of Attendees: 11



  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:30am
  2. John showed off his latest work, his wooden clock/gears
    1. Clayton Boyer designed
    2. Used Baltic Birch for material
    3. Got copy of plan, put wood on it, and used it to guide the cuts
    4. Used a bandsaw to cut out the teeth, with very little filing
    5. Used forstner bits to cut out (it had shamrocks on it)
    6. Used fret saw to finish up
    7. Numbered the teeth for both, then started running it – found out where it bound up
    8. Very consistent work – excellent
  3. Jim handed out flyers for Camden County Tool Library and bike-share in Blackwood NJ
    1. Almost entirely hand tools
    2. Small number of power tools
    3. Tools from donations – so lots of hammers
    4. Also have over 3,000 bikes
    5. Can join for free if you live in Camden County – but you can also join
    6. Inventory on web site
  4. Jim got a package from Freud, with saw blades and bits – based on his four (4) video presentations
    1. Router bits
    2. Saw blade
    3. Forstner bits
    4. General group discussion about the Freud opportunity (some folks are just using their phones to video), insurance requirements, etc.
  5. Discussion on Potential Trips
    1. Fazios
    2. Winthethur
    3. Batsto’s water powered lumber mill
  6. Summer picnic
    1. Do we do one? Anyone interested?
    2. Do that instead of meeting in Summer – turnout is pretty light for summer meetings
  7. Ideas for future meetings
    1. Mike’s 2 weeks at North Bennet school
    2. Mike said he has 4-6 people interested in presenting
    3. Fall “tool show” or tool auction
  8. Problem discussed; Front door had rounded top, molding on door is rotting. How can he cut the moldings
    1. Suggestion was to get moldings that can bend.
    2. Other suggestion was to get 3 pieces of wood, cut partial curves, joint them together
  9. Next Meeting Thu, June 2 (tentative Mario Rodriquez)
  10. Meeting closed at 8:34pm

February 2016

Hope you all enjoyed the meeting last week. We had a presentation by Freud about 5 years ago, at that time they had a truck loaded with Freud products and a setup for demonstrations. They have since decommissioned the truck, but kept the presentation level as it was when the truck was on the road. For those of you that did not make it to the meeting, Kevin Kauffunger and his entourage of Freud Reps, straight out of a training class at the Woodcraft store in Downingtown offered us a presentation on Freud and Diablo products.

Freud manufactures fine circular saw blades  and router bits (along with other products, check out their web sites, www.freudtools.com and www.diablotools.com) under two names, Freud and Diablo. The Diablo products are sold by stores like Home Depot, while the higher quality Freud products are sold by the more upscale Woodcraft, Rockler, Highland woodworking, etc. Though I have never been unhappy with Diablo products, Kevin explained and demonstrated some of the finer points of the Freud products. One point that he made about Freud Glueline Blades was how quiet they are due to anti vibration groves being filled with a vibration damping material. He demonstrated this property by striking the blade with a hammer, where other blades will produce a loud ringing sound, the Freud blade produced only a thump, most impressive!

On the router bit front, the Freud Quad cutter bits with 4 blades tilted to make a shear cut into the material produced an incredibly smooth cut in an end grain profile. I have seen shear cutting demonstrated by Alan Lacer, a turner who only uses skew chisels when he turns, he is able to achieve smooth finishes equivalent to 400 grit sandpaper right off of the chisel.

Having spent a lot of time sanding routed edges, i think there might be some Freud bits in my future.

Additionally at the meeting, Mike Richter officially stepped down as our president. Mike has been president for the past 8 years since he founded the club. We are all appreciative for his work and devotion to getting us top notch speakers over the years, it will be tough to fill his shoes, (though i probably have enough sawdust to do it.) Though he won't be at the helm, we will continue to be graced with his presence as a member.

We did present Mike with a brass lie nielsen smoothing plane as a small token of our appreciation. Once we are sure that he likes it, we are going to have it engraved.

Several of us rode down to Timonium MD last Friday to attend opening day at the Woodworkers show. I didn't see anything that I would consider new, but as always, spending day amidst tools, wood, and people of like mind was most enjoyable. I only took one picture, the slab below. Some of the rings were labeled with historical events, to the right of Joe Woodworker's head is the year 800. My birthday is there somewhere towards the bark. This is the first time I have felt young in a while.

Ancient tree slab


Don't forget, Lie Nielsen at the Independence Seaport Museum  January 29 and 30. I plan on going on the 29th, and at the moment there is room in my car. For more info about the affair, http://www.phillyseaport.org/handtool.

If you haven't seen the boat workshop at the seaport museum, you are in for a treat, and it's FREE

Don't forget the Somerset Woodworking show the weekend of Feb 26th (F-S-S)

Next meeting, Feb 4th at the UU Church in Cherry Hill, no planned speaker as yet, but we're working on it. We can always drink coffee, eat cake and talk about woodworking. We will be discussing the possibility of a couple of paid presenters during the year, so bring some ideas of who you might like to see.

We will also vote on new officers for the club i'm ok with staying VP, haven't talked with Dave Potts about Treasurer, but i know that we need a President and Secretary.

And don't forget to bring your dues. ($50 for the year, to WGSJ)

I will send out an official meeting notice in a week or so.

This is the most I've written since High School!

Looking forward to seeing you guys on the 4th