July 2016

Total # of Attendees: 17


  1. Jim (president) opened the meeting at 7:33pm
  2. Bill Nyberg’s service is 3pm on Saturday at his home in Marlton
  3. Mike brought in thousands of small wood parts (dowels, blanks, wheels, etc.) that he had warned folks about.
    1. He got a call from an individual who had a business which was a manufacturer rep’s for wood product lines.
    2. They were moving the business and Mike was willing pick up their excess items for free.
    3. Mike asked for a donation to the Humane Society.
    4. The group took the opportunity to look through and see what they could use.
  4. Mark & Carl visited from the TSCA, Delaware River chapter of Traditional Small Craft. 
    1. They found our organization from an advertisement on Craigslist (Mike placed it there).
    2. Website for their group: http://www.tsca.net/delriver/
    3. Karl Kramer, karlksr@comcast.net, 856-935-4564
    4. 2nd Friday at Bivalve for oysters & program
    5. A week from Saturday (July 16th) for Maritime festival (Bivalve, NJ)
    6. Delaware consignment shop, tool exchange: http://delwaretoolexchange.com
  5. Jim proposed to provide donation to Bill Nyberg’s family charity - $100. Club agreed
  6. Mike spoke about the North Bennet Street School in Boston
    1. Trade school for woodworking, been around for over 100 years
    2. Fundamentals of fine woodworking (2 weeks); mostly sharpen & tune your tools
    3. Seven in class, instructor was graduate of 2 year program
    4. Provided list of tools you need, or you can buy them there
    5. The sort of course Mike believes he should have taken 20 years ago
    6. Did a variety of projects -- by hand -- to work through your hand tool skills
  7. Dave discussed the 4-door chest he brought in
    1. Master class at Philadelphia Furniture Workshop
    2. Turned out well, fun class
    3. Impressive work
    4. General discussion on Philly workshop after Mario’s presentation in June
Chest made by Dave Potts

Chest made by Dave Potts

  1. Jim discussed his work with Urban Promise
    1. Worked on rowboats with young students
    2. Showed video of Bill Nyberg on the boats during the launching
  2. Jim discussed his Freud videos and his 3D cutting boards
    1. Freud video: tumbling block cutting board
    2. Used Walnut, Maple & Cherry
    3. Made a special jig for clamping during glue up
    4. Need slow-setup glue, because it takes a long time
    5. Used router & jig to flatten, because he did not have a wide-belt sander
    6. Looks better with edge all the way around (instead of just on its own)
Cutting boards (coffee cup for scale)

Cutting boards (coffee cup for scale)

  • Problem discussed; John had a question on finishing oak
  1. Jefferson desk/table
  2. Open grained, so you won’t get smooth unless you close the pores
  3. One suggestion was sanding sealer, then tung oil
  4. Polyurethane also has been effective, or oil/varnish mixture
  • Next Meeting Thu, August 4th
  • Meeting closed at 8:47pm