May 2016

Total # of Attendees: 11



  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:30am
  2. John showed off his latest work, his wooden clock/gears
    1. Clayton Boyer designed
    2. Used Baltic Birch for material
    3. Got copy of plan, put wood on it, and used it to guide the cuts
    4. Used a bandsaw to cut out the teeth, with very little filing
    5. Used forstner bits to cut out (it had shamrocks on it)
    6. Used fret saw to finish up
    7. Numbered the teeth for both, then started running it – found out where it bound up
    8. Very consistent work – excellent
  3. Jim handed out flyers for Camden County Tool Library and bike-share in Blackwood NJ
    1. Almost entirely hand tools
    2. Small number of power tools
    3. Tools from donations – so lots of hammers
    4. Also have over 3,000 bikes
    5. Can join for free if you live in Camden County – but you can also join
    6. Inventory on web site
  4. Jim got a package from Freud, with saw blades and bits – based on his four (4) video presentations
    1. Router bits
    2. Saw blade
    3. Forstner bits
    4. General group discussion about the Freud opportunity (some folks are just using their phones to video), insurance requirements, etc.
  5. Discussion on Potential Trips
    1. Fazios
    2. Winthethur
    3. Batsto’s water powered lumber mill
  6. Summer picnic
    1. Do we do one? Anyone interested?
    2. Do that instead of meeting in Summer – turnout is pretty light for summer meetings
  7. Ideas for future meetings
    1. Mike’s 2 weeks at North Bennet school
    2. Mike said he has 4-6 people interested in presenting
    3. Fall “tool show” or tool auction
  8. Problem discussed; Front door had rounded top, molding on door is rotting. How can he cut the moldings
    1. Suggestion was to get moldings that can bend.
    2. Other suggestion was to get 3 pieces of wood, cut partial curves, joint them together
  9. Next Meeting Thu, June 2 (tentative Mario Rodriquez)
  10. Meeting closed at 8:34pm