Lending Library


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  1. To be eligible to borrow WGSJ library items, the borrower must be a member in good standing (defined below)

  2. Items may be borrowed for a period of at least 28 days or until the next normally scheduled monthly meeting.

  3. Failure to return an item will result in a late fee (schedule below) which must be paid before any further items may be borrowed.

  4. All items borrowed require the member to sign a library lending form, which lists the item, date borrowed and officer lending the item. The member is also required to provide their phone number, email address and signature on the form.

  5. The only members permitted to lend an item are the Librarians, Guild President, Vice President or Treasurer.

  6. New members (less than 90 days) will not be allowed to borrow items from the library without placing a deposit for the items full replacement value prior to borrowing.

  7. Members who have not paid late fees or have overdue items when membership dues are due (January) will have membership privileges temporarily suspended until all items are settled.


Member in Good Standing

A member in good standing is one who has fully paid their Guild dues for the current year and has attended at least half of club events or meetings to date. Member will not be penalized for meetings or events missed due to illness or other extenuating circumstances.


Late Fee Schedule

  • DVD $3.00

  • Books $3.00

  • Tools $15.00