October 6, 2016

Total # of Attendees: 19



Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:31am

Introduced new folks: Chris (works for DOD at McGuire) – working on wood since early 90s.

Kevin D talked about the earring chest he made

  1. Magazine article from 1995

  2. Art Deco look, with 7 panels, barrel hinges & magnets

  3. Made with maple and dowel construction

  4. Used jig to mark out holes for earring holders

  5. Finished with several coats of lacquer

The earring chest

The earring chest

Jim brought in two bowls made of

  1. Beautiful wood, Horse Chestnut

  2. Cracked a lot, filled with aluminum oxide powder

The bowls

The bowls

Bok Read presented on his woodworking craft,

  1. Background; grandfather gave him a gouge, in the family for 100 years; father made the furniture in the house

  2. Been 41 years in the woodworking business

  3. Taught science for 40 years, visited MIT afterwards & attended lectures

  4. Liked to make different shapes of items (lamps, tables, etc.) No straight, more sculptural

  5. Passed a lot of pictures around the meeting attendees (variety of furniture & items, including Danish modern, Asian influenced, etc.)

  6. By making the variety of shapes, the light plays of a lot of different angles and is more interesting. Alternating shadow lines

  7. In order to cut out for large lamp.

    1. Cut in half, Rout out hole for cord, then glued back together

    2. Put wood on block to tilt wood, then cut it out

    3. Band saw is 26 inches and over 100 years old

    4. Made out of Cherry, 10” wide, 1-3/4” thick

  8. Got wood in Chichester, just across Commodore Barry Bridge, Delaware Valley Supply. Good prices of hardwood

  9. He said that he believes that if you make a mistake on something, you just sell it at a lower price

  10. Used Watco finish, about 5 coats. Seals it pretty well if it is a closed-pore wood. If open-pore, it won’t seal it enough

Bok Read

Bok Read

Mike talked about a widow – husband had incredible collection of tools

  1. Giant dust collector

  2. Large Compressor

  3. Eight routers (3 of them trim)

  4. Tons of supplies (sandpaper, router bits, etc.)

  5. In conjunction with tool sale in Nov, Mike will price & bring them

Jim wanted to talk about a tool sale next month (November)

  1. Should be a tool auction

  2. Salman said Mark Showers suggested maybe bring some of the wood up for auction that the email sent out discussed

  3. Mike has volunteered to be the auctioneer

  4. 10% of profit to the club

  5. People bring tools and mark minimum price on it (i.e. where the bidding will start)

  6. Open discussion on whether to invite other clubs to participate

  7. Decision not to open to outside clubs for this month (maybe future tool sales)

Voted to invite the turners to sometime in the future for our Fine Woodworking presentation

Kevin D asked for permission to put chapter on Meetup. Group approved. Some folks did not want to be emailed or included on the site. Salman will send out email requesting who wants to be included on site

Treasurer (Dave) $4349.49 in treasury; 28 current paying members

Holiday party Thursday December  1st – Pasta Pomodoro (Voorhees)

Meeting concluded at 9:04pm