November 3, 2016

Total # of Attendees: 23


  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:46am

  2. Mike booked Christmas Dinner, Dec 1st, at Pasta Pomodoro, 6PM (Voorhees)

    1. $25 a head

    2. Appetizers + entrée

  3. New folks:

    1. Brian: got married in July, made a few things for wedding, wants to learn more and gain experience

    2. All thumbs, wants to learn

    3. Joe Velden, retired recently so he’s got more time, tool selection is more construction grade, here to learn

  4. Discussion of “Bench Dogs” video series (Kirk as host) and Brian’s new book

    1. Shop tour of Brian’s shop

    2. Shop is small, small tools (4” jointer, etc.), small strips of wood

    3. Uses Bandsaw to break down stock

    4. Drum sander, other sanders, Dewalt planer

    5. Tablesaw is workhorse

    6. Good dust collection

    7. Discussion of all the species of wood going into a puzzle (18 for one)

    8. Went through puzzle production process (strips 24” long, 9/16” or 5/8”, cut to length, break down for that puzzle by part, build like a production line)

    9. Showed “live cubes” to see how he builds the puzzle

    10. Demonstrated how he builds them (tablesaw cuts, bevel with disc sander and jig, assembly, etc.)

    11. Brian got an offer from Taunton books for a book about  - puzzles

    12. Brian went through timeline on how it went from article to book offer, and how he ended up writing the book (took him maybe 8 weeks, including photography)

    13. Recommends building small projects out of exotics – you can charge 2x to 3x as much

  5. Auction was held

    1. Mark & Carl’s wood

    2. Various hand tools, jigs and clamps

    3. Large collection of chisels

    4. A great deal of fun was had by all

  6. Meeting concluded at 9:29pm