January 5, 2017

Total # of Attendees: 15



  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:23pm

  2. Planned speaker never called back (from Philly furniture show) so no speaker tonight

  3. New folks:

    1. Jay: Found out through Meetup; likes woodworking, lives in a condo, does some carving. Favorite tool is spokeshave

    2. Bill: Learned about it from John (from work); always had love for using his hands. Retired, started handyman; more into hand woodworking

  4. Upcoming events of interest

    1. Woodworking show in Baltimore this weekend,  Jan 6-8 http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/baltimore.html

    2. Colonial Feb 2-5 in Colonial Williamsburg with Fine Woodworking and Society of American Period Furniture Makers. Theme is Chairs. Great event for historical  furniture https://www.colonialwilliamsburg.com/plan/calendar/working-wood/

    3. Dave will send out info on Society of American Period Furniture Makers (SAPF) to membership http://www.sapfm.org/; cost is $50/year. Annual high quality newsletter at Christmas, plus three electronic newsletters each year

    4. Feb 10-11, Lee Nielsen in Philadelphia, Independence Seaport https://www.lie-nielsen.com/hand-tool-events/USA/103

    5. Woodworking Show Feb 17-19th in Somerset, NJ http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/somerset.html

    6. Feb 24-26, American Craft Show at Baltimore (over 500 presenters): https://craftcouncil.org/shows

    7. Fine Woodworking Live event in Southbridge, MA, Apr 21-23: http://www.finewoodworkinglive.com/

  5. Phil talked about turning events and work

  6. Mike R spent time on phone with Triton tools to get donations from the company

    1. Dowel driller (2 dowels at a time) similar to the Festool domino

    2. Triton sharpening wheel

    3. Track Saw (Salman used it)

      1. Very good, but you have to consider material

      2. Slides on melamine, sticks well on Baltic Birch

      3. Clamps slide into groove, but forces the straightedge at an angle. Need to figure out better way to clamp

      4. Can do scoring cut as well without having to reset depth of cut

  7. Discussion of Guild library (tools, DVDs, books, etc.)

    1. Brian Menold has the library and some of the tools

    2. If folks want them, please contact Brian or Jim to ask for

    3. Salman will talk with Brian about updating library list on website

  8. Frank

    1. Talked about creating raised panel glass doors

    2. Took two bits for rails and stiles

    3. Bought extra bit to cut out groove for dado

    4. To make mullions used woodline bits for interior mullions

    5. Went through process on how to use the rail and stile bits and a jig to cut the mullions

    6. Got info on YouTube

  9. Mark announced that Delaware tool exchange has just received items from an estate sale. Priced at about 50% of retail

  10. Dues for 2017 are due: $50

  11. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feb 2nd at 7:15pm

  12. Meeting broke up into smaller discussions of woodworking topics and projects

  13. Meeting concluded at 8:45pm