July 11, 2019

Total # of Attendees: 19


1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:35 PM.

2. Thought was to change meeting plan from Jigs to making an Ark – it was pouring!

3. General discussion on email – who can send, who cannot receive: Salman tested the issue, and there is no reason for any issues

4. Dave Potts (treasurer)

  • 34 active paid members

  • $2,188.87 in account

5. Jim suggested the executive board review the potential for a speaker in September or October

6. Bob, Meg and sons Robert

  • In business for high-end furniture and cabinetry

  • Ship throughout the world

  • Meg is marketer and salesmen

7. William Duffield came to talk about jigs

  • Started with his tapering jig, for tapering legs

  • Sled with adjustment and clamps for making tapering legs

  • Numerous safety features to lock it down and not cutting against fence (so reduces kickback potential)

  • Side locks onto tablesaw fence and then slides forward and back to cut square

  • Next showed his push sticks, which can be much safer than standard ones (holds back of the stick down so it doesn’t climb out)

  • Showed his “fork” hold-own which can be used when using tablesaw, miter saw, etc. Keeps your hands away from blades

  • Went through materials for making the jigs (great hockey tape demo)

  • Went through router table fence, with adjustable sides – based on bit being used

  • Hinged stop block to make repetitive cuts. Needs to be a solid hinge, so there is no side-to-side play in it

  • One inch “stop block” for tablesaw fence for safety. You can then put up against fence, then as it moves towards blade, it leaves block and has space after the side so it doesn’t get pinched

8. Salman showed his sled jig

  • Sled used in place of jointer to make straight line

  • Uses the Freud thin kerf “glue line” rip blade on tablesaw, puts wood in sled and runs across to make straight edge

  • Also showed saw “push block” to run through tablesaw

  • Scrollsaw jig for holding piece clamped while cutting. Used wing nuts (instead of knobs) so he could reverse on each side (knobs tend to be bigger and get in the way)

9. Ted showed large fence with problems/issues

  • Multiple clamps for holding piece on

  • Fence bends, so it suffers from some accuracy issues

  • Also showed steam engine making jigs (makes the pieces necessary for small steam engine for small boats)

10. Mark showed off his sharpening jig: Deneb Polaski’s jig for different distances for degrees of angle for blades

11. Next meeting on Thursday, August 1st

12. The meeting concluded at 9:07 PM.