August 1, 2019

Total # of Attendees: 18


1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:25 PM.

2. Thought was to ask folks to stand up, reintroduce themselves, and ask what they are looking for

  • Karl Kramer, 10x16 shed, wants to do bookshelves

  • Mark Showers, 2-3 years, Working on “eastern shore” corner cabinet

  • Mike R., joined this year, putting shop together,

  • Steve Smith, on-and-off 35+ years; enjoy making one of a kind items, likes to go to Habitat Re-Store and get used-up furniture, either fix it up or cut it up for lumber

  • William Duffield, professional furniture maker since 2000, retired, builds stuff for himself now

  • John Gilly, come to see what guild is doing

  • Scott James, comes here to get away from wife for a couple of hours. Done some sort of carpentry all his life, enjoys working at the workbench now (little boxes, stuff the kids like, etc.)

  • Mark B., been in guild from beginning; builds furniture and cabinetry. No projects pending (he’s built everything he can for his house – wife wants him to stop)

  • Bob M (Pitman); band director, retired in ’07. One area of his basement (500 sf) just dedicated to woodworking

  • Paul Flum, grew up fixing things (Mom was antique dealer), on 27th closing on 1921 house, so he’ll be fixing a lot of stuff; likes to go to flea market for cheap tools, and then goes up once a year to sell most of it off

  • Greg Vernon (May’s landing) been a member since 2nd year, still working at tech center, so doesn’t have enough time in the shop. He did bring in show and tell

i. Went to Africa last month on Safari

ii. Picked up branch of ebony of fallen tree

iii. Also had stuff carved out of ebony

iv. Made a plaque, using feet for clamps and one chisel (took about 1-1/2 hours)

  • Kevin Drevik, been a member for about 5 years, been woodworking for about 25 years, since we bought our home. Mostly furniture, getting into hand tools more and more. Interested in a presentation on design

  • John Owen (Cherry Hill) been doing it since he was 4 years old working with a brace and bit. Dovetails at 16, etc. Likes period furniture making, but gets distracted easily. Has done a lot of different things (shaving horse, Windsor chair, etc.)

  • Dave Potts: Been in guild for 10+ years, big SAPFM supporter, just drove down to North Carolina for annual presentation. Has taken a lot of classes at Philadelphia Furniture Workshop (with Alan Turner and Mario Rodriguez)

  • Dick Beckman, been a member since the beginning, do woodworking and stained glass. Haven’t turned on shopsmith for 2 years, and Dick has been making the coffee and bringing the snacks since year 2

  • Pete Wolser, dabbled in woodworking for many years, not a great woodworker, but right now he is making a chest out of walnut. Been working though his 900 board feet of walnut, cherry, etc. His daughter now wants to start woodworking

  • Mike Richter, grew up in North Jersey, worked for builders while in college. Started the guild, got about 12 people to show. Was the guild president for 10 years, now is moral support, and helps to get speakers

  • Jim Parise, President. His dad was the first woodworker that he knew. Talked about his father and mother bidding on a dilapidated house, won, disassembled (including straightening nails) and reassembled out on Long Island. Really loved working on woods, especially turning

3. Paul showed what he got at a flea market. Two large lathe chisels, one regular, and one fluted/grooved.

4. Scott James talked about a potential source of wood (slabs, offcuts, old flooring, etc) – Provenance, 1801 North American Street. Very inexpensive used lumber, architectural salvage

5. Jim wanted to ask folks about potential meetings in the future

  • July - Jig meeting?

  • January – tool sale/swap

  • Discussed how he used LD light, 12V power supply and some cord and made a light for his bandsaw

  • Blade guard

6. Mike talked about church request for sculpture for outside

7. Next Meeting on Thursday, September 5th

8. The meeting concluded at 9:07 PM.