May 2, 2019

Total # of Attendees: 27


Jim opened the meeting at 7:25 PM.

  1. Liz

    • Hasn’t done much since High School

    • Interlocking colors of wood

    • Tried forging a spearhead

  2. Kevin Doherty

    • New to woodworking

    • Crown molding, bookshelves, stool

  3. Bill Stoudt

    • Recently retired

    • Been doing woodworking for many years, want to do more

    • Mostly small gifts, working on blanket chest for daughter’s wedding

  4. Dave (Treasurer)

    • Have 34 paid members (increase of 3 over 2018)

    • $2,454.87 in account at this time (enough to pay for speakers)

    • Maybe August for a speaker/demo

  5. Carl brought in a stool

    • Made without glue

    • Loves historic furniture, more interested in vernacular (farmers, normal folks)

    • Made with red oak, used hand tools (axe, drawknife, Spring-pole lathe, etc.)

    • Working with wet wood, split, built before wood dried

  6. Jim discussed Camden “urban promise” boat building

    • Tom and Jeff were with him fiber-glassing a boat

    • Tom and Jeff work with inner city kids in Camden, building boats

    • Part of small urban school, 200 kids

    • Take kids out of classroom, and boats is part of it

    • Kids range from 6th-12th grade

    • Built about 50 different types of boats (dragon boats, sailboats, rowboats, etc.)

    • Building a 25 ft cedar strip canoe – all adult build (so members are invited to come over & build)

    • They are there every day, working on boat, and you would be able to attend to assist

    • Potentially planning on working on Saturday as well

    • Hoping to complete by June 20th

    • Watched video of what they do with the kids – very inspiring

  7. Meeting had a break, where open discussion was had by the members

  8. Went through a series of safety videos from Jim

    • Stupid use of table saw

    • Complacency in the workshop can get you hurt

    • Equipment for the shop (goggles, hearing protection, respirator, etc.)

    • Fire safety (fire extinguisher, containers of water, etc.)

    • Jim and guild talked about other safety items (krazy glue to close wounds, etc.)

    • Steel toed shoes

    • Dust collection critical – Mike discussed people who had serious lung issues due to industrial setting

    • Jim also suggested putting a hands-free device such as an Amazon Echo or Google device in the shop in case one becomes incapacitated and cannot reach their phone

  9. Next Meeting on Thursday, June 6th

  10. The meeting concluded at 9:04 PM.