April 4, 2019

Total # of Attendees: 24



  1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:22 PM.

  2. Pete is a new person for the guild. Hasn’t been in shop for several months while doing bath remodel. Retired, Shop on 2nd floor of house, builds mostly period furniture. SAPFM member (and web master)

  3. Dave discussed treasury

    • 32 paid members

    • $2279.87 in funds

  1. Jim wanted folks to show off some of the stuff they brought

    • Jim showed off his turned bowls, with colored epoxy to fill the voids

    • Put epoxy in and finished turning it. Suggested to use the white scratch pad with water, and use sander, elbow grease, or the lathe to sand off

    • Make sure you let it sit for a bit to harden, and make sure you don’t heat it up too much

    •  Jim showed wooden cherry burls in Elmer, NJ, that the owner of the land wants to sell: about 200 of them. Going to take them to Phil Hauser’s house and Phil will auction them off

    • Dave showed off his Queen Anne arm chair legs. Used 2x10 lumber to make mock ups before finalizing

    • Make sure you cut the mortises when they are flat before you do the shaping. Difficult to do once it is carved

    • Used carbon paper to trace pattern, but it was difficult

    • Frank went through his Ham radio signs, and explained some of the numbering/lettering. W = United States, #2 is your area (NY/NJ),

    • Got strips of mahogany, resawed through band saw to get to 3/8”, ran through planner to get to 1/16”, used that to face it

    • Then used sign making jig to cut. Had to make multiple passes, in order to get clearance, and get rid of wood. Took about ½ hour to cut six letters out, due to need for patience

    • Ted showed off Kayak paddles . Handle is a half-round, Wood is sized to his hand, not generic. Laminated with three pieces. Ends are going to be rounded (square right now)

    • Used Chisel, Spokeshave, drawknife to shape. Issue is work-holding (clamp vises, etc.)

    • Greg showed off his puzzle box. Lid had four dovetails, one on each side. How do you open it? Turns out the dovetails are at an angle, so if you slide the lid at 45 degrees, it comes off.

    • Greg then shared some of the various jigs that he used to make them

  2.  Question from Mike on fixing a broken spokeshave. Can it be brazed/welded? It can be – but it may end up costing more than just purchasing a new one

  3. Discussion on mortised dovetails for cutting boards in Mortise & Tenon magazine

  4. Jim moved the meeting to a discussion on shop safety

    • Once saw video of someone cutting a walnut (the nut, not the lumber) on tablesaw

    • Cutting curved pieces on bandsaw unsafely

    • Group shared numerous gruesome stories of electrocution, loss of fingers, and general mayhem in the shop.

  1. Salman talked about invitation for the email list. You have to accept the email invitation in order to receive future email messages

  2. Mark noted about Winterthur museum “Joinery and early cabinetmaking at Winterthur” on Thu/Fri, Apr 25-26. http://pressroom.winterthur.org/pdfs/15884%20Furniture%20Up%20Close%202019%20online%20brochure_LR.pdf

  3. Next Meeting on Thursday, April 4th

  4. The meeting concluded at 8:58 PM.