March 7, 2019

Total # of Attendees: 28

  1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:25 PM.

  2. No new faces

  3. Thoughts on Wood Show

    1. Bob was not impressed. Seemed it was very small, a lot of clubs

    2. Baltimore was bigger & better

    3. Club booths told Mike they were asking if there was a guild in South Jersey

    4. A turners’ club was there. Making tops and letting folks try it out. Another one was giving turned items for charity

    5. Discussion about what we would do (demonstrations, participation, etc.)

    6. Talked about visual info (who you are, where you are located, etc.), greeters on staff, and demonstrations

    7. Talked about volunteer groups – tried to “pull people in” to do stuff, try things out, etc.

    8. Talked about using hand tools to get the kids involved

    9. Lectures by members of club

    10. Baltimore vs. Secaucus?

    11. Quite a commitment – have to man the booth. 4 guys, 3 days, two groups = 24 guys

    12. Question: What are we going to do with them once they come?

  4. Mike & Salman got a request from a company wanting to “sponsor us” Erie Tool Works

    1. Mom & Pop company in Erie PA, been around for 5+ years

    2. Bench tools & accessories, Moxon vise

    3. Also makes a “clamp gauge” – a caul which is used with bar clamps to better distribute clamp pressure across the face

    4. Wants to “sponsor” our club with a 10% discount

    5. Also has training information (documents, video, etc.) that he could offer it

    6. Decision to not accept sponsorship – lack of interest by chapter

  5. William Duffield presented on some of the woodworking that he as done over the last 40+ years

    1. Bench-on-bench/Auxiliary bench – used to get work up close, for more detailed work

    2. Also useful for demo’s when you are away from your shop (used on truck tailgate, on Workmate, etc.)

    3. Vise on end, with handle that comes apart (so you don’t snag it getting in/out)

    4. Comfortable height for you is right at the bend of the elbow

    5. Plans for it is in the back issue of Fine Woodworking “tools & shop” edition for 2014

    6. Gramercy Toolworks Holdfasts, good bargain, works well, especially as you wear off their rust-retarding finish

    7. Don’t make out of Oak – tends to chip on backside of holdfast

    8. Showed off various attachments to the bench – dovetailing vise, End vise, wooden bench dogs, portable lights,

    9. Height good for using router, etc.

  6. The guild broke up for discussions and to ask face-to-face meetings with folks.

  7. Next Meeting on Thursday, April 4th

  8. The meeting concluded at 9:10 PM.