February 7, 2019

Total # of Attendees: 32



  1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:22 PM.

  2. Jim asked all the “old faces” to stand up and re-introduce themselves

    1. Jim Parise, current president, here since 2nd meeting

    2. Mike Rickter, original president, 15 years ago

    3. Dave Potts, current treasurer, 10 years

    4. Carl, found group on meetup, Professional since 1982, now working in basement on his own stuff

    5. Dominic, been doing it since he was very young

    6. Phil, wood turner, sometimes feels odd coming here with all the “flat” woodworkers

    7. Brad, relatively new (3 months ago), engineer by trade

    8. Mark, Greenwood NJ, restoring old woodworking machinery

    9. William Dunfield, one of the original folks, builds 18th century furniture

    10. Joe, since he was a kid (15 years) about 5 years. Doing electric

    11. Tom Hagar. Has tried anything. Here to learn

    12. John Busca, been here a year, just setting up shop

    13. Frank, retired about 4 years. Been monkeying with woodworking most of his life. Got serious about 35 years ago, built up a shop

    14. Pam Anderson, violin maker, restoration

    15. Tony, 2nd generation carpenter and furniture maker

    16. Ted, historian, full time dad, 12 years ago he build a rowboat, and now builds canoes and kayaks

    17. Bob, been a member for several years, bought a house in 1972, and started doing stuff to it, retired in 2007 and started doing a lot more then

    18. Rick, retired retail person, grandfather was cabinetmaker

    19. John Owen, been woodworking since he was a teenager, carving, etc.

    20. Pete, retired about 10 years, sailed for 8 years. Done woodworking all his life, off and on

    21. Mike, 2nd meeting. Does mechanical & electrical repair. Done woodworking most of his life, on and off (home projects)

    22. Scott James, carpenter for years, with his father. Moved into trade shows & events

    23. John, doing handyman work. Can’t get into shop (too full of tools)

    24. Greg, still an engineer, but gets as much done in the shop as he can, 9 years

    25. Harry, one of the original 7, made fine furniture, country furniture. Big on shaker boxes

    26. Salman, software engineer, here for the food. Owns a lathe and scroll saw

    27. Diego, recently purchased a miter saw. Found us on the internet

    28. Steve, recently retired, doing a lot of furniture repair & refinish recently

    29. Kirk, retired, did a lot of home improvement, worked for navy, now retired

    30. Kirk Jr, doing projects with dad, got house 3 years ago, turned garage into shop, gets his tools as passed down from his dad

    31. Paul, attorney, doing woodwork since he was a little kid,

    32. Ray, got started in Moorestown High School at nights, did cabinet work for family & friends

  3. Membership

    1. Dues are $50 a year (see Dave Potts)

    2. The money goes to:

    3. Paying speakers

    4. Rent for the meeting hall

    5. Snacks and Coffee

  4. Tool/Book  Library available (check out website for list)

  5. Salman showed off the $0.99 saw he bought last month at the auction, and what a lot of electrolysis will do. Rust pretty much gone!

  6. Phil came and sowed off one of his turnings, and talked about a friend who will be bringing a truckload of burls off to his house. Anyone interested, let Phil know

  7. Jim showed off his bowl work (beautiful wood, a pleasure to turn because of smell)

  8. Woodworking Show Brainstorming

    1. We were invited to show at Secaucus wood show (Mar 1-3) – booth for free. Salman got email from person at show

    2. Thought was it was too short a timeline to prepare (less than a month ago)

    3. Form a committee to determine what we can do for show

    4. Have to do all three days

    5. Primary Purpose: Recruiting

    6. Ideas for booth:

      1. Need to be doing stuff to attract people

      2. Space roughly 10’ x 20’

      3. Backdrop with symbol of guild

      4. Flyers/brochures to hand out

      5. Activities:

        1. Showing stuff

        2. Displays of work

        3. Making small items

        4. Selling items?

      6. Ideas

        1.  Printed materials

        2. Business cards

        3. Shirts

        4. Members commit to ½ day

        5. Club members build toys for kids?

        6. Get folks involved & interested

      7. Thought was to have guild members attend this year’s event (Mar 1-3), take pictures, form ideas, and then come back for March/April meetings ready to brainstorm

  9. Mark talked about the SAPFM event

    1. Colonial Williamsburg event in January (6 members of our guild are also SAPFM members)

    2. Theme was five shops

    3. Display area before dinner

    4. Antique tool dealers

    5. Can take classes from SAPFM members

    6. Highlight of show is person who started Mortise & Tenon magazine

  10. Discussion by group on providing scholarships & reaching out to potential members

  11. Dave went over his process for building his 3-dimensional cutting boards

    1. Dangerous cut to be made with table saw, made at 60 degrees with a “captured cut”

    2. Used special push stick to help secure the board and keeping it from kicking back

    3. Used board/box to arrange them while gluing up

    4. Can put through sander, but not planer as they are end-grain

  12. Lie Nielsen tool show + other vendors (Feb 22-23), Philadelphia Maritime Museum (by Ben Franklin bridge)

  13. Woodworking show in Secaucus  (Mar 1-3) – road trip

  14. Next Meeting on Thursday, March 7th

  15. The meeting concluded at 9:10 PM.