January 3, 2019

Total # of Attendees: 25


  1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:23 PM.

  2. New folks

    1. Mike

      • Moved here from Oklahoma

      • Trying to get back into it

      • Joined for the fun

    2. Eric Evans (Mullica Hill)

      • Hobby for him (works in finance) but worked in the trades in college

      • Wants to learn

    3. Steve Smith (here for 2nd time)

    4. Paul Plum

      • Hobbyist but did work in cabinet shop for a couple of years

      • Wants to do more

    5. Pete

      • Worked off & on for some time

      • Trying to do a few project here & there

  3.  Jim was looking for someone named “Jordan” who wanted someone to build a coffin for him. Nobody volunteered, either as “Jordan” or to build it.

  4. Dave

    • $1,581 as of Jan 1, 2019

    • Everyone’s dues are due tonight

    • Going down to Williamsburg for SAPFM, will try to get speakers

    • 39 Paid members

  5. Woodworking show in Baltimore this weekend (Jan 4-6)

  6. Midwest tool association tool auction in York PA on Sat, Jan 26th

  7. Mark talked about Winterthur

    • Closed down, but willing to give us a group tour as a guild

    • About ten people said they would be interested in going

    • Domini workshop – four generations made clocks in Long Island. Laid there tools down & left, and someone Winterthur bought it out and kept it

  8. Frank talked about his jig that he is auctioning off – crown moulding

    • Various wood jigs to cut the types of moulding (outside 45, inside 45, etc.)

    • Different angles, based on ceiling height

    • Use miter saw, move it to 45, and then leave it there. From that, you just use the jigs to cut it.

    • They are all labeled, 3 jigs

  9. Tonight is tool auction

    1. Mark has volunteered as the auctioneer

    2. Auction went very well – there was a lot of merchandise, and Mark did an excellent job

    3. Plan is to do this again next year, and advertise it a little more in advance

  10. Next Meeting on Thursday, February 7th.

  11. The meeting concluded at 8:42 PM.