December 6, 2018

Total # of Attendees: 22



  1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:23 PM.

  2. Jim was looking for someone named “Jordan” who wanted someone to build a coffin for him. Nobody volunteered, either as “Jordan” or to build it.

  3. New guy: Al

    • Newbie

    • Playing around with hand tools and getting fun

    • It’s his birthday – Happy Birthday

  4. Other new guy: Gavin Wester

    • Retired Merchant Mariner

    • Plays around with tools and works with Habitat

  5. Holiday Party

    • Currently have 13 RSVPs

    • Short Hills Deli in Voorhees

    • No special room or pricing, so just order off menu

    • Salman inquired about food, to determine if it would fit his palate

  6. Shows

    • Woodworker Show in Baltimore Jan 3-5. Carpools available (ask Jim)

    • Woodworker Show in North Jersey Mar 3-6

    • Lie Nielsen show Feb 22-23

    • Mark asked if we wanted to try and get Deneb from Lie Nielsen to come to chapter meeting. To do this, we’d have to change the March meeting

  7. Mark suggested another used tool sale event. General consensus was next meeting January

  8. Dave Potts (Treasury)

    • Thin on bank account, but it’s due in January

    • Currently with $1,681 left

    • Currently have 38 members on mailing list, only 1 missing email

    • SAPFM meeting in Williamsburg in January, will see if we can get someone to come up

  9. Brian Menold


    • Been a member of Guild for many years

    • Been told he is an odd woodworker, or not even a woodworker

    • He makes high end wooden puzzles for folks all over the world.

    • Does work for about 4 weeks, post on internet, sells within 48 hours, then starts over

    • Spends about 12 hours/day in shop, but on his schedule.

    • You can make a puzzle in about 30-45 minutes

    • Brian urged everyone to look at finding a niche after you retire and exploit it – and you can get customers for life

    • Showed his 4” model makers saw, machined aluminum sled, fence has micrometer measurement

    • Try to be within 3-4 thousandth of an inch (that tight). Accuracy is of the utmost importance

    • Spent about $950 on the saw, fence, sled, etc. It paid for itself in the amount of time saved

    • With sled, crosscut ability is down to about ¾” – but that is about all he does

    • Also showed off his sander, small, quiet, but able to get him the accuracy he needs

    • Gets his wood from Groff & Groff or Hearne. Does a lot of exotics, because his small size of product/puzzles allows him to work with hard-to-get woods

    • Passed around some of the puzzles for folks to try out

    • Brian demonstrated some of the puzzles and how to unlock them

    • Doesn’t provide solution on how to undo puzzle. Most of his customers are college professors, etc. Very smart, and they want to solve it themselves

    • He has a program to do the design, and he has people send him designs. They typically ask for a royalty or a few copies of the puzzle

  10. Jim talked about us having a tree planted for Carl’s Mom, and we gave the card to Carl.

  11. Next Meeting on Thursday, January 3rd.

  12. The meeting concluded at 8:40 PM.