November 1, 2018

Total # of Attendees: 25

  1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:22 PM.

  2. Dave talked about his recent wood purchases, trials and tribulations with getting wood from Erik Van Dexter

    1. See last month’s minutes for details on his sales and auction

    2. The auction of his wood and tools is this Saturday, Nov 3rd

    3. Address is 116 Densten Road, Sewell NJ 08080

  3. New Folks were introduced

    1. Ray Sutton: Carpenter, architectural millwork shop, near Barrington.

    2. Brad Sanders, St. Louis, woodworker for years, checking us out

  4. Dave has 2x8 sawhorses, built on Popular Woodworking model

    1. Take it apart, held together with wedges

    2. Put 1 coat of waterlox on it to preserve

    3. Discussed how he cut wedges with band saw, mortises, etc.

  5. Jim opened discussion on Christmas party for December meeting

    1. Will have party in addition to our regular Dec meeting (Dec 6)

    2. Party will be 2nd Thursday, Dec 13th

    3. Location at Tarantella restaurant


    5. 128 Route 70, Medford, NJ

    6. Jim will set reservation and provide information

  6. Mark gave presentation on saw sharpening

    1. Started the discussion with the SAPFM . Great organization, lots of information on making period furniture.

    2. Mark showed the “spider” that he got from Roy Underhill

    3. A spider is a gauge to measure you set of the large saws

    4. Depending on type and dimension of wood, etc. you would use this to gauge how to set your saw

    5. Discussed Diston saw vise – how it works, how you could make a holder (out of 1x4 hardwood) in order clamp it easier. This helps when working on your “fleem” (see below)

    6. First operation is to “joint” the saw – to take the top of every tooth and level it across the saw

    7. Run flat file across raker about 10 thousands of an inch in the middle

    8. Use triangular saw to deepen angle across each tooth, alternating – until you get rid of each flat spot on each tooth

    9. General rule is 30 degrees, but historically, folks would file saw to do a specific task. You would need a large enough file for the teeth edge

    10. Discussion on what is available for new handsaws (example: – who will make saw to the fleem and method you want)

    11. Mark showed his Diston saws (three of them). The older ones were of real quality (and are worth a lot of money now)

    12. Discussion on “hang” of saw, and how it handled for specific purpose

    13. Showed Ron Herman’s DVD showing how to sharpen and maintain saws. He runs a carpenter shop/house building company which uses handsaws

    14. Mark got introduced to this due to heating house with wood. He mostly uses a chainsaw, but has the handsaw in the car to use.

    15. Salman asked how long it takes to sharpen. Mark said 30 min max to do the job

  7. Jim talked about his scary sharp story

    1. Back in 1968 when he left parents’ home to go to Drexel

    2. Discussed story that related to sharpening – how much is too much?

  8. Mike said the wainscoting project is put on hold, due to church construction

  9. Next Meeting on Thursday, December 6th. Note that depending on restaurant availability for Christmas party (see above) it may be moved to December 13th.

  10. The meeting concluded at 8:42 PM.