October 4, 2018

Total # of Attendees: 24

  1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:26 PM

  2. Some difficulty setting up the bench. Had to get the expert up to get it ready

  3. New Folks were introduced

    1. Steve: hobbyist, doing it for 30 years, retiring at end of month, so hopefully more time; small collection of tools in basement 12x24 ft. Wainscoting (Mike?)

    2. Eric: Graphic design & video during the day; got into woodwork to make furniture. Mostly home improvement right now, but looking forward to learning

  4. Treasurer’s report (Dave):

    1. Gaps in phone database;

    2. 37 members; as of this month

    3. $1,945.98

    4. Email list; Rick Gold; didn’t get email. Dave will check it out

  5. Folks shared a few of the small projects they had worked on

  6. Justin DiPalma woodworker extraordinaire (http://www.craftedheirlooms.com/)

    1. Nine Years doing furniture. Did construction with his father before that (finish work)

    2. Own a one-man shop, with six-month backlog

    3. Has been here before and done demos. Tonight he wanted to show off how he does a cabinet

    4. Most cabinets he gets pre-finished plywood to construct, with face-frame. Pieces are more expensive, but it is much easier.

    5. Invested in Festool Domino. Expensive, but proven to be worth it. He originally did face frames with pocket screws & biscuits, and he often had paint issues (cracks, etc.). Has been a great purchase

    6. Makes his own domino tenons, using tablesaw, drum sander & router. Uses sled to cut to length

    7. Folks joked with him about changing his shop over to Festool. He’s purchased several Festool items, but not everything. The quality is great.

    8. Glue face frame straight to plywood. Not using biscuits, nails, or anything. Long grain to plywood is a sufficient hold.

    9. Creates base for cabinet, levels them, and then glues/caulks cabinet to base. Does not screw them in, so no ugly screws. Caulk/glue is strong enough to hold.

    10. Cabinet square, ¾” plywood. Sides to length, top & bottom 1-1/2” shorter

    11. Tall fence on shaper/router table. Run side’s tall ways, top & bottom face down. Then you have a spline that helps connect them together.

    12. Measure it so that you have sides go in same orientation as top/bottom and it should always fit

    13. Put spline in with a little glue, glue other piece. If cut right, it should glue up square relatively easily.

    14. Get plywood & banding at Fessenden Woodworking (Pennsauken). Tell them you are from the woodworker’s Guild for discount.

    15. Uses pin hole cutter from woodcraft to make pin holes for shelves

    16. Edge banding with wood block to set down. Use iron to seat. Should be hot enough to feel it. Use chisel to clean up – but you have to read the grain!

    17. Then use file to finish, handle up, and pull it (not back & forth)

    18. Puts cleat on back for top & bottom, plus blocks are set into back

    19. Uses a lot of glue – plywood sucks it up

    20. Drill press with forstner bit for door hinge hardware

    21. Likes spoon pins for shelf hardware – takes the “wobble” out of shelf if a little off

    22. Justin does the Against the Grain Podcast

  7. Mike introduced Eric VanDexter from Sewell. Got a lot of lumber and tools

    1. Cabinet maker for 41 years

    2. At 59 years old planning on retiring

    3. Looking for a successor for his business

    4. Planning to scale down & liquidate the business

    5. Nov 3rd auction, all woodworking equipment, machinery, lumber, etc. Auction details: https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3170844.html

    6. Going to keep his sawmill, dry in his homemade kiln

    7. Located at 116 Densten Road, Sewell, NJ

    8. Cell phone number 856-371-4269

    9. Note that once he signs contract, he cannot sell anything individually

  8. Mike said the materials are pretty much in place for the wainscoting project for the church. Look for emails.

  9. Next Meeting on Thursday, November 1st. Mark may be showing how to use the “spider” to sharpen large hand saws, if he gets a specific item completed in time

  10. The meeting concluded at 9:02 PM.