September 6, 2018

Total # of Attendees: 22


  1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:29 PM.

  2. New Folks were introduced

    1. Joe: Guitars & furniture

    2. Dominic: Finish carpenter, enthusiast, happy to be here

  3. Question on wainscoting project. Mike was waiting for donations of materials from Lowe’s & Home Depot. Plan is to do it next Saturday (Sep 15th)

  4. Jim showed his materials for the turner’s club. Theme was “make something you saw in a magazine.” He made a spinning top that also whistles through the holes in it. General applause by guild

  5. Dave talked about three projects that he had been working on

    1. Talked about struggles with veneer on table (sanded off first top on belt sander)

    2. Dogwood flowers made out of Holly

    3. If you are doing Marquetry, one of the design concerns is the depth of the scroll saw. If your table is 19” wide/in circumference, you’ll need a scroll saw with at least a 20” throat

    4. Draw what you want to put on, place a piece of carbon paper on the wood and trace it to show what you want to cut out

    5. Uses 5/64” veneer piece for overlay

    6. Tilt plate of scroll saw 7 degrees

    7. Figure out grain direction and match for top. Tape bottom piece on

    8. Key is to design how it will go down and fit in. Often you will be going over your existing work with your next set.

    9. He started out with branches, then leaves, then petals, then center.

    10. Discussed some of the special tools and bits he used for the work.

    11. Make sure you have a lot of bits and saw blades before you start a project – they break a lot in doing this, even with 5/16” stock

    12. Dave did some demo work on the scroll saw to show off his methods

  6. Mark discussed “making wood in the 18th century” down in Colonial Williamsburg, January 17-20, 2018. Five different craftsmen areas doing various works and holding discussions (joiners shop, wheelwright, etc.).

  7. Dave showed off his Butler’s Chest (built at the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop).

  8. Each drawer has 11 dovetails

  9. Expensive brass drawer pulls (Londonderry)

  10. Special hinges for the desk pull down (difficult to get in)

  11. Had it partially completed, but when he brought it home, he sat on it for 6 months before starting back up on it

  12. Some discussion on cock-beading of drawers (Dave is very militant here)

  13. Purple Martin House (birdhouse) for birds that eat mosquitoes.

  14. Next Saturday, Sep 15th, Woodcraft of Delaware has its tool exchange, beginning at 9:30 AM.

  15. Hearne Hardwoods in Pennsylvania (200 Whiteside Drive, Oxford PA) will have their annual open house on Saturday, Sep 29th. Club road trip was discussed.

  16. Traditional Small Craft association , local small craft in Millville, NJ 9 AM – 3 PM, lots of wooden boats, etc.

  17. Jim showed his pictures of the Adirondack chairs made with 200+ year old wood. Tour of his place and then travel to Bone Saw brewery

  18. Next Meeting on Thursday, October 4th. Mark may be showing how to use the “spider” to sharpen large hand saws, if he gets a specific item completed in time

  19. The meeting concluded at 8:40 PM.