August 2, 2018

Total # of Attendees: 18


  1. Mike opened the meeting at 7:40 PM.

  2. New Folks were introduced, but Kevin was unable to get their names (pic 1 & 2)

  3. Proposal made to have a new report on how many beers were drunk at Brew House prior to meeting. Motion passed

  4. Kevin Drevik presented on his “knock down” workbench that he built at the Woodwright’s school in Pittsboro NC (pic 3)

    1. School info and class schedule located at

    2. Class based on Will Myers Moravian Workbench (note: DVD is now available if guild members want to take and build bench of their own) (pic 4)

    3. Class started with wood pre-milled, so students primarily worked on joinery and sawing to final dimensions

    4. Most of joinery was on legs (bridle joint, through mortise and dovetail) so first 3 days primarily spent on joinery and assembly of the two legs (pic 5)

    5. Hardest part was the tenon ripping for the bottom rails (eight 18” rips) (pic 6)

    6. Had to cut tenons & mortises in bottom rail and to of workbench for the vise block (pic 7)

    7. Vise was pre-made, but had to be set into backer block, have lower guide mortised in and drilled, and have large rabbet cut into one leg to help secure it (pic 8)

    8. Top consisted of an 18” wide, 4” thick slab of oak (pic 9)

    9. Tool tray was added to complete, made of pine pieces

    10. Overall class took 5 days. Left with bench almost entirely completed. Just had to do tool tray, round off the top of the vise, and cut the legs to final height once they were back in my shop and I knew what I wanted

    11. A lot of fun. I highly recommend taking classes at the Woodwright’s School.

  5. Some discussion on upcoming open house day at Hearne’s Hardwoods ( Always a good time, some interesting vendors, and the opportunity to get some good wood. Kevin suggested that he might rent a truck, so folks could get wood and bring back

  6. Next Meeting on Thursday, September 6th. Mark may be showing how to use the “spider” to sharpen large hand saws, if he gets a specific item completed in time

  7. The meeting concluded at 9:20 PM.