April 5, 2018

Total # of Attendees: 23


  1. Dave opened the meeting at 7:38 PM.
  2. New People:
    1. Chris Sandy (violin player & nutritionist)
    2. Joe (Chris’ friend) plays the ukulele
      Rickold – retired and dabbles in woodworking
    3. Ray Rosen – remodeling contractor/trim carpenter; building furniture; club member in Maryland
  3. Dave Potts (Treasurer):
    1. 20 paid members for year so far
    2. Amount is $2771.49 (with the $100 tonight)
  4. Mark talked about the Traditional Small Craft Association – does a bid & buy (tool auction). Suggested that we auction off at low prices for new folks
  5. Also suggested we move dinner to Iron Hill Brew in Maple Shade (1/2 price beer on 1st Thursday). Just down King’s Highway, about a mile from church meeting place
  6. Matthew brought a cutting gauge that he made by hand – he bought some blades by Hock.
  7. Delaware tool exchange just got in 100 books in – some really good older ones
  8. Pam to talk about Violin construction
    1. From Oregon, started playing Cello. Studied in music in PA
    2. Captivated by idea of making Cello
      Four years in violin making school, then got job in Philadelphia (off & on for 30 years)
    3. Showed off some of the basics of creating the violin
    4. Get wood from supplier, will cut down middle and book match it
    5. Get block with tighter grain
    6. Use corner blocks for corners, end pieces, then tab of hot glue/hide glue
    7. Bend the ribs, using a piece of hot metal to warm it gradually, then shape it into the form you wanted
    8. Starting out, not that much theory - key was to get control of tools and get accuracy.
    9. Created their own workshop, to make instruments there to support their lifestyle
    10. Made what she was interested in, then sold them
    11. Talked about the portable Cello from World War I that fascinated her
    12. Interesting discussion on egg white, gum Arabic, sugar, honey etc. to let it soak in, then apply coat of varnish. This would help it absorb evenly
    13. Showed cute tool for marking inlay
  9. Mike mentioned the need to do wainscoting around the columns – needs helps. He will send a note around
  10. Next Meeting on Thursday, May 3rd at 7:30 PM. Chuck Bender will come down from Jim Thorpe to speak
  11. The meeting concluded at 9:00 PM.