May 3, 2018

Total # of Attendees: 23

  1. Jim opened the meeting at 7:31 PM.
  2. Dave Potts (treasurer) talked about membership and money
    1. $2,371.17 in the treasury
    2. Updated domain name for 2 years
    3. Members on role: 24 paid members
  3. Mark let folks know Delaware tool exchange just got in a shipment of 100 new woodworker books (see pictures for some of the selection)
    1. $5 apiece or less (the pictures show the $5 ones only)
    2. Salman will put up pictures on website
  4. Chuck Bender (from Acanthus workshop) came to give a class on Bermuda Dovetails
    1. Period furniture maker for last 40 years, Sr. Editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, been on several TV shows, and taught at 360 Woodworking and Acanthus Workshop
    2. Currently living and teaching in Jim Thorpe, PA.
    4. Bermuda dovetails, made in 18th century, on the island of Bermuda
    5. Philadelphia region had close ties to Bermuda. Many decorative elements made in Bermuda can be found here
    6. Hybrid through/half-blind dovetail
    7. Used patterns to cut out simple set
    8. Most of the furniture made in Bermuda cedar
    9. Chuck went through a live demonstration on how to do it, while the guild watched and participated
    10. Use marking gauge to mark pin board on both sides, and tail board on inside, then mark for half-blind ones
    11. Transferred pin layout on board to thin maple stock for pattern – then used gouges and chisels to create unique pattern
    12. Initially cut them out like half-blind dovetail, and then layout pattern on pins
    13. Use jeweler’s saw to cut out the Bermuda dovetail pattern on the front sides of the pin board
    14. Use file to fine tune to lines
    15. Layout pattern on tails, then chisel away to depth to match pin board
    16. Lie on top and hammer in, then mark where you need to make adjustments. Take apart, clean up and try again. As you do more of these joints, you’ll get better, and be able to finalize after 3-4 tries
  5. Next Meeting on Thursday, June 7th. Mark will be showing how to use the “spider” to sharpen large hand saws
  6. The meeting concluded at 9:20 PM.