June 1, 2017

Total number of attendees: 14

  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:41pm
  2. Dave Potts (Finance)
    • $4,370.49 in treasury
  3. Jim Parise spoke about Center for Art in Wood (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Jim was less than impressed with Center for Art in Wood, in terms of woodworking
    • A lot of turned items or “mangle boards”
    • The demo on coopering was not very impressive. He arranged items/sculpted items, but the barrel was really just decorative
    • Lathe work was good
    • Whiskey was very good
    • Parking was ample
  4. Rita gave a presentation on wood tool for making lace (Pic 1 & 2)
    • Art teacher in Russia before she came here
    • Introduced to lace making guild – they had problem finding good tools
    • She had woodworking knowledge from her grandfather
    • Shell inlays, made of veneer
    • Steam & glue together
    • Bend them with clamps
    • Take carving knife and carve inlay on it
    • Struggling with finishing the tools
    • General discussion on ways to do build process by group
    • Suggestion was made to use TransTint aniline dye
  5. Art talked about Hearne Hardwood in Oxford PA (southwest of Philadelphia) (pic 3)
    • Open house Sep 29th & 30th
    • Big bandsaw will run (the one they bought from the US Navy yard)
    • Lots of wood species to buy
    • Contact Jim if you’d like to carpool
  6. Kevin showed pictures of his training class at the Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro NC (pic 4)
    • School is in Pittsboro NC (near Raleigh)
    • Class was 3 days, and you learned to take beech blank and make a fully functional molding plane (Kevin made a cove plane)
    • First 2 days you are shaping the plane (cutting profile & scraping it to shape, cutting mortise, shaping the wedge, refining it)
    • Day 3 you are tempering, shaping and hardening the iron, before sharpening it
    • By end, you are cutting profiles in wood trim with your new plane
    • Excellent experience. You could come away from the class and start making multiple molding planes as you move forward on it
  7. Mark talked about sharpening of draw knife (pic 5)
    • Jig was created to sharpen one side, back & forth
    • Second edge of jig cuts the exact angle you need on the one side
    • Variety of diamond and sand paper sharpening edges
    • Benchmade is making them, based on Galbreth’s design
  8. Jim was asking for folks to do demo on sharpening scrapers
  9. Tom Calistereo will bring boat and do presentation for class (25 ft canoe)
  10. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 6th at 7:15pm
  11. Meeting concluded at 8:43pm