May 4, 2017

Total # of Attendees: 12



  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:39pm
  2. Dave Potts (Finance)
    • Center for Art in Wood (Philadelphia PA) giving discounts to the club members
    • With tonight, 24 paid members,
    • $4,470.49 in treasury, after paying $150 for hall rental
  3.  Jim Parise spoke about some items
    • Suggested we buy item identification tags for the tools, with guild name. Membership agreed
    • He brought up the idea of creating a prize for local school students that did shop/woodworking. Can Mike ask if the church can have a show and give a prize
    • Mike talked about getting some local PR (newspaper, etc.)
  4.  Jim showed the Technical school & design shop safety video
    • Funny video of safety items for woodworking shop in a school setting
  5. Bill Pfluge talked about the cost of a Cherry Cherry Table
    • Prior planning prevents poor performance
    • Had cherry tree come down in front yard (24” in diameter, 10ft long)  used chainsaw & guide to make into planks
    • Two years to dry wood, and to do design of table
    • Went over tools, shed (for drying), drill press for holes, etc.
    • Total cost $8,826 (ha ha)
  6. John discussed how he forgot to pick up sharpener last month; he’ll get it tonight
  7. Dave went to Winterthur and SAPRM (Society of American Period Furniture Makers) meeting earlier in the week.
    • They were looking for information on what type of program the club would like to see.
    • Program was Fri/Sat, four groups of ten;
    • First session was research library at Winterthur
    • Second session was in conservation laboratory
    • Third session was a review of antique cabinetry, with the ability to look in depth at each piece (pull out drawers, turn over on its top, etc.)
    • Fourth session was in an organic chemistry lab for sampling, determining finish, etc.
  8.  General discussion of upcoming visits by some members to Colonial Williamsburg, and the three woodworker intensive site there (Furniture making shop, Wheelwrights, Joiners)
  9. Next Thursday, May 11th at the Center for Arts for Whiskey ‘n Wood
  10. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 1st at 7:15pm
  11. Meeting concluded at 8:43pm