March 2, 2017

Total # of Attendees: 22


  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:28pm
  2. New folks:
    1. Gus: Retired steam fitter and amateur, just getting started in the craft
    2. Jim: Got interested recently, looking for basic understanding on tools, wood, etc. Current goal is to make an arcade cabinet
    3. Rebecca- she is with Jim
  3.  Dave Potts (Finance)
    1. With tonight, 23 paid members,
    2. $4,570.49 in treasury, not counting checks tonight
  4.  Meeting of executive board a couple of weeks back
    1. Brainstormed a lot of ideas
    2. Want to emphasize our members as speakers
    3. Need to get a more formalized idea of programs; i.e., plan for certain number of things (presentations, trips, etc)
    4. Site tours to museums, lumber yards, etc. 1-2
    5. Picnic at outdoor site/campground
    6. Organization has funds, so we can pay for speaker travel, hotel, etc.
    7.  Dave's chair is done and he was going to bring it around
  5. Website is great - been a real boom
  6. Meetup has gotten us 1-2 new members at events. We'll continue to test
  7. Discussion of odd wood we’ve seen sitting around (ebony, purpleheart benches, ironwood, etc.)
  8. Thoughts on Esherik museum in PA, Nagashima in New Hope, Winthertur, other ideas
  1.  Events events
    1. Mark and Phil talked about Woodshow in Somerset (Feb 17-19)

                                                               i.      Peachtree was biggest vendor

                                                             ii.      Lumber companies, 4-5 vendors

                                                            iii.      Carter Bandsaw guy was there

  1. Jim got some wood from Brian (Maple Burl) that he turned (pic 1)
    1. Made a series of bowls out of it
    2. Its made from Maple, but it certainly doesn’t look like Maple.
    3. Used center-sabre system (series of bent chisels) you can use to make bowls. Jim liked the side grain bowls
    4. Discussion of Bush Oil (largely made out of Linseed Oil?).
  2. Greg talked about his coffee table (pic 2 ) Sorry Greg, my other pictures of your presentation didn’t come out
    1. Likes cabinet type projects (right angles, straight lines, etc.) so this is new for me. Always wanted to do a natural wood piece of furniture
    2. Started three years ago, with a great piece of ambrosia wood/ghost maple (9ft in length)
    3. Gave slide show of build process
    4. Used templates out of particle board, heavy cut on bandsaw and then finalized with router table
    5. Used doweling jig and dowels to connect leg pieces to frame
    6. Used router templates to make legs and grooves in legs
    7. Used biscuits to tie some of it together
    8. For bottom shelf, used black walnut, cut in half, then used router patterns to make hole for “football” inset. Then used biscuits and glued it back up
    9. Used angled cauls/blocks to clamp the legs together, due to angles
    10. Did a lot of pre-finish before assembly, and then blue tape to keep glue squeeze out from getting on finished wood
    11. For top, natural edge removed all the bark, then sanded to 1200 grit finish. Cut ends to final length with circular saw
    12. Greg closed by showing his shop (1 bay of garage)
  3. Phil talked about his spheres (pic 3)
    1. Phil turned a variety of balls from the same log that Jim made his bowls from, or other burls that he had
    2. Cutoffs from Canadian blackwood and Hawaiian Kona, so he turned another pair and glued them up
    3. Burnished them with a wire brush
    4. Used cutoffs from Jim’s cutting board to make circle stands for the balls
    5. Discussion on use of “negative rake” scraper to make difficult cut
  4. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 6th at 7:15pm (Salman's birthday)
  5. Meeting concluded at 9:18pm