July 6, 2017

Total # of Attendees: 9


  1. Jim (President) was not able to attend, so Dave Potts (Finance) opened the meeting at 7:32pm
  2. Dave Potts (Finance): $4,054.49 in treasury (after $316 back in the day)
  3. Dave discussed the SAPFM event last month
    1. Adam Cherubini presented. He’s been in England for the last 2-3 years. Gave a 2 hour speech on 17th century drawer construction. Brought ½ dozen drawers. Good presentation
    2. Adam said he would be interested in speaking (Sep/Oct/Nov)
    3. Another speaker on molding planes with single & double irons
    4. Another one had turning with springpole lathe
    5. Cost of SAPFM membership is $60/year
    6. Meets 4x a year
    7. National meeting in Williamsburg Jan/Feb each year
    8. Website is http://www.sapfm.org
    9. Some of the benefits they list on their website include
      1. Access to the Member area of the SAPFM website, which contains furniture plans, articles, woodworking class schedules, antiques databases, tool manuals, furniture books, and links to hundreds of furniture-related videos.
      2. Attending regional Chapter meetings and events
      3. 'Birds of a feather' opportunities to network with others having similar interests
      4. Eligibility to register for and attend SAPFM conferences
      5. Participating in SAPFM exhibitions
      6. Receiving the quarterly e-Zine 'Pins & Tails'
      7. Posting videos about making your furniture on the SAPFM YouTube Channel
      8. Having your furniture displayed in the online Gallery on the SAPFM website
      9. Networking with other members via SAPFM's Twitter and Facebook social media
      10. Access to the Price4Antiques Reference database
  4. Kevin talked about Pennsbury Manor
    1. 15 Min north of Philadelphia
    2. The first Sunday of every month they have craft day
    3. Site has woodworking shop with 3-5 workers, using old style hand tools to make 16th century furniture
  5. Discussion of Philadelphia Furniture Workshop
    1. New teacher
    2. Working on new master’s level program
  6. Dave discussed the possibility of changing meeting date
    1. Difficult to get speaker at short notice, would give us more time to setup speaker
    2. General discussion on the history of meeting date/day decision
    3. Discussion on drop off in attendees for history
    4. Dave talked about having 400 cutting boards in his shop that he can’t sell
    5. Discussion of Etsy’s sales
  7. Advertising
    1. Flyers/brochures -- bring in copy of old flyer
    2. Business Cards
    3. Tools section on Craig’s list
    4. Use of meetup group
  8. For new people/beginners -- what would the club offer
    1. What tools to buy
    2. Live demonstration
    3. Instruction on what to do
    4. Go to house and they’ll teach you
    5. How to class?
    6. Rita talked about her experience with the group and how much it helped (advice, woodcraft, etc.)
    7. Newcomer’s packet/group? -- welcoming group
    8. Sources of materials, tools, etc.
  9. Other ideas for group
    1. Going to a person’s shop to do certain power tools stuff?
    2. Limitations of site force us to only do small power tools and hand tools, and show off finished projects
  10. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 3rd at 7:15pm. Dave will do a demonstration on half-blind dovetails
  11. Meeting concluded at 8:52pm