January 4, 2018

No public funeral service has been announced for our friend and former treasurer Ken Lehr. The club will donate $100 for the planting of 25 trees in a national forest in his memory.

Mike Richter has asked for volunteers to put wainscoting on the pillars of our meeting room in the UU Church. Date to follow...

Mike Richter proposed the club donate $500. towards the purchase of an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED -- full price ~$1500) for the church building: the proposal was unanimously passed.

John showed us a model of a horse drawn cart he made.

Salman demonstrated a program he authored that generates a detailed cut list based on sized material needed, and stock available. Quite a handy program. If is available for use on our website at http://wgsj.org/cutlist-generator. Thanks Salman, nice job.

Bill Pflug  demonstrated  the sharpening of cabinet scrapers. Thanks to Bill, Jim's cabinet scrapers are now sharp; he learned that he was applying too much pressure to the burnisher, a lighter touch made all the difference.

The Woodworkers Show is coming to Secaucus March 2-4, tickets go on sale a month prior to the show and are available at the door. ($2 discount on line)


Jim plans on driving up on Friday and has room for4 3 more bodies in his car.

Lastly, since the meeting Jim received the following information:

Joe Coleman's son, an architect, is  involved in the design of a kitchen for a client. The design requires a bench/cabinet. The bench/cabinet would be approximately 156" wide x  24" deep x 17" tall sitting on a standard 4" plinth. It has some book storage on the left but under the cushions would be a couple hinged doors that would open up for a kid's toy storage.  
General carcass is color match white paint on cabinet grade ply. The detail areas at the book storage is Ash veneer ply.

Although a general contractor is involved with the project, Joe's son would entertain an outside party building this piece. If anyone is interested in building this for him, contact Joe directly merryoldcole@gmail.com.