September 7, 2017

Number of attendees: 27

  1. Jim (President) opened the meeting at 7:30pm
  2. Carl introduced David & Wade from Delaware Tool Exchange (pic 1)
    • Two friends were looking for a way to get a business going
    • Inherited some tools from fathers
    • Grew, now in 1,300 sf building
    • They work on consignment – you provide them tools, they sell, you get money, they take a cut
    • Open Sat/Sun (they both have regular jobs)
    • Invited the guild to come down and see what they’re selling, and talk with them
    • You can call ahead and see if they have something you want, you can also give them a “wish list” and if your tool comes in, they will contact you
    • Difficult for them to hold an item – they will sell it to who gets their first (only fair)
    • They have shipped at times
    • Close to Woodcraft store so you can shop at both
  3. Jim introduced some new People
    • Jeff saw us on our website. Trying to do some woodworking, has a circular saw, drill, etc.
    • Rosemary – inexperienced, wants furniture in her living room
  4. Tom Calisario (pic 2)
    • Director of Urban Boatworks, in existence since 2009 in Camden
    • Small school, less than 200 kids from kindergarten to high school
    • Talked about challenges and objectives of school (a lot of hands on classes)
    • Used watercraft & boat building to teach other skills
    • Working on a lot of shop skills & tech skills for them (woodworking, welding, pipe fitting, etc.)
    • Used “stitch & glue” technique to build, and then fiberglass & epoxy
    • A lot of discussion on techniques, safety, and kids
    • Demo on putting on fiberglass & epoxy
    • Further information is located at
    • He asked folks to please come visit!
  5. Dave Potts (Finance): Two expenditures leaving $3,854.49 in account
  6. Salman asked guild earlier about clear glue, got ideas from guild members,  so he made a chessboard(pic 3)
    • Provided example of using clear glue (from idea guild member provided).
    • The glue was very viscous (like glycerin). Aleene's Original Clear Gel Tacky Glue.
    • Scroll sawed a lot of pieces
    • Salman also talked about his inkjet printer that lets you print on PVC cards. He can make a batch for anyone, $30 for a card
    • Salman asked if anyone uses software to create cut lists. He found an online paper written by some Iranian PhDs who described a software system to make guillotine cuts efficiently. Minimized costs, cuts, etc.
    • Available on
  7. John provided examples of spoons, spatulas and other items that he carved (pic 4)
    • Plan is to make Christmas gifts for everyone
    • Based on watching Paul Sellers
    • Used machines to get basic form, then carved by hand
    • Used Maple
  8. Mark built a workbench for the Guild (pic 5)
    • Bench has cabinet below (for storage stuff)
    • Idea is for it to live here in the church's basement
    • Entire Guild was very impressed
    • It was built to be used, but also to sit to the side when not in use and to look nice for the church when resting to the side
    • He’ll go over it in more detail in next month’s meeting
  9. Mike talked about plans for the church to put wainscoting around the columns for the church basement. He is looking for volunteers to help on a Sat & Sun in October
  10. Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Oct 5th at 7:15pm. Mark will go over his workbench and Mike has another speaker
  11. Meeting concluded at 9:35pm